Pit Notes March 2010

Appropriate to the Easter season, Motor Trend Classic has been reborn. Source Interlink has re-launched the previously bimonthly magazine as a quarterly to the delight of many fans who thought it was the death knell for the up market title when it was shuttered three years ago . . . . Also re-launched, Wooden Horse News reports, is Canada’s Driver Magazine. It has gone from a regional to a bimonthly national magazine covering the gamut of consumer automotive concerns.

SpeedReaders.info has changed owners. Launched just four months ago by Kevin Clemens and Helen V. Hutchings, to present carefully considered reviews of transportation books, videos and DVDs, the site has published more than 100 reviews. The new owner and site administrator is Sabu Advani. He has been editor of the Rolls Royce owner’s club magazine, The Flying Lady, since 1998. Clemens will pursue his academic career while Hutchings has been offered new opportunities, although both will contribute reviews periodically.

Prolific freelance writer Rex Roy has added TV scriptwriter and show host to his resume. He has done 10 DIY Garage shows sponsored by Auto Zone, for AOL Autos.com They are in the can and rolling onto to the web site as we write. . . . Writing for HuffPost Social News, Bill Lucey offers some concrete suggestions (too many to list here) in his piece, How Do Laid Off JournalistsStop distracted driving. Reinvent Themselves? . . . AutoWeek has joined Coyne Communications’ campaign to discourage driving while distracted. Specifically, the magazine urges you and your readers to sign a pledge to not drive while distracted. For more information about the campaign and how you can participate contact: Annec@coyne-net.com or go to www.autoweek.com/distracteddriving.

Speaking of AutoWeek, the publication is launching a two-day Virtual Green Car Show that promises a look “at everything you need to learn about green, virtually.” It starts live on Sept. 22-23. To participate you must pre-register at www.autoweekvirtualgreencarshow.com . . . If you want a current update on Ethanol, The Auto Channel recently completed a 30-minute Road Trip episode focused on the subject with Ed Begley, Jr. and David Blume, author of “Alcohol Can Be A Gas.” The show can be seen at: http://www.theautochannel.com/F/news/2010/02/18/466262.html.

PR types who discriminate between bloggers and mainstream media are gibed in Tech Crunch Europe (http://eu.techcrunch.com) by Mike Butcher’s Embargoes 11-The Sequel. . . . Autoclassique.tv is a new pay per view service for car and motorsport enthusiasts. The online archive of European races and drivers is a cooperative effort between a number of producers and film archives. The films are ranged in various categories and include some free to view. (http://www.autoclassique.tv).

Jay Lamm assures us that, “Market research shows that most LeMons racers understand that our races are pointless, and they have no choice but to simply enjoy themselves.” This, despite his announcement of a 2010 Regional Title program that he predicts will add, “complexity and an artificial sense of importance,” thereby increasing the series “market share in whining, hisssyfits and legal actions.”

On a more serious note: Bill Maloney advises that he is experiencing
sight-threatening medical problems; Duncan Haimerl is rehabbing from recent successful cancer surgery and Marlon Hanson is recuperating from quintuple by-pass surgery last week. Their respective contacts are: billmaloney15@aol.comKent Specialty Care Center, 46 Maple Street, Kent CT 0675 and focusnews@wans.net