Pit Notes: SEMA, RASR, Int’l Media Awards

SEMA has launched a new web site: www.RASR.org. The goal of RASR is to educate drivers about the dangers of street racing and aggressive driving stunts that put them — and others — at risk of serious injury and death. The new site features tools that evoke engagement from site visitors. It also provides individuals with a resource to locate professionally controlled environments in which today’s performance and speed enthusiasts can participate in automotive-related events throughout the United States.

David Bull Publishing is celebrating The International Media Awards selection of Mark Donohue: Technical Excellence at Speed as the best of all 2009 entries, including magazines, newspapers, internet, radio and television as well as books, by offering special deals on it as well as two other Donahue-related books: the previously published 2005 IMA award-winning biography of Donahue mentor: Walt Hansgen His Life and the History of Post-War American Road Racing, and the newly published, Donahue, His Life In Photographs contains an additional 250 color and black and white photographs culled by author Michael Argetsinger from the thousands he collected while researching the two earlier books. The new volume provides an informal look at Mark’s life, friends, teammates and fellow racers as well as the many cars he raced. With captions and text by Artgetsinger, it is a nostalgic retrospect of the Donahue years for those who were a part of them and an excellent introduction to them for those who were not. Contact: dbull@bullpublishing.com

Not as sentimental but penetrating with an underlying affection for the auto world, is a collection of 40 years of writing by the soul of AutoWeek, the late Leon Mandel. The Jaundiced Eye, published in April by 671Press in association with AutoWeek it has earned high praise and is available through www.AutoWeek.com at $21.95. . . . Still another look back is being assembled by Harry Pallenberg whose credits include 800 shows for PBS in Los Angeles, and documentaries: “Shotgun Freeway, Drives Through Lost L.A.” and “Women In Boxes: A documentary on Magic’s Better Half.” His new project is, “Where They Raced”, a definitive documentary film on the history of auto racing in Los Angeles. All he needs to complete it, at this writing, is $13,000 which he is soliciting in small donations at www.wheretheyraced.com. Trailers for the film can be seen there.

Motorbooks Publishing has a list of titles out this fall and is willing to make copies available to journalists who can publish reviews. Contact Nichole Schiele Senior Marketing Manager Motorbooks, Quayside Publishing Group, nschiele@mbipublishing.com. . . . Belated congratulations to Anne Profitt who won three first-place awards from AAWRBA at its annual Indianapolis 500 Breakfast: one for her magazine article: Speedway Power another for an internet piece, It’s All In the Brakes, and a third for her photo of Dario Franchitti in Sonoma. . . . Last, for those who have not seen it, click here for the perfect way to roll a car, if you must.