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Pizza And Beer Connections

GM brands may dominate in a dealership customer service study by J.D. Power and Associates as Karl Greenberg reports in Marketing Daily but a January survey of 3,450 women car shoppers by Anne Fleming, puts Volkswagen on top followed by Ford and Chevy.  . . . Greenberg also provides an update for “smart watch” car connections. Hyundai, he reports, is joining Audi, BMW and GM with varying apps for watches. He lists which app does what and the connectivity needed. Among functions possible now are: climate control; remote car locating & starting, unlocking doors, voice commands and running diagnostics.

Domino’s Pizza is getting in on the act. According to Restaurant News, the fast food chain is developing an app in conjunction with Visa, Inc. and tech consulting firm Accenture to develop a concept “connected car” for mobile purchases from automobiles.

And, if you’re lost, your car is stuck and you have no cell phone, you can relieve your distress, Amy Corr of MediaPost Online reports, by simply tapping your watch equipped with a Bud Light Button app. It has a locator function that will enable a local retailer to bring you up to 100 cases of the brew. . . . Trying to decide (be it if or how many) is no longer a problem. There is a new generation of apps available to help with day-to-day decision making, Kit Eaton tell us in his New York Times piece: Aids for the Indecisive, When Options Abound. There are at least
four of them to choose from if, as Eaton notes, you are able to decide on which one. No more daisy petals or ‘eenie meanies.’