Postlude for Detroit Show

Let’s face it…A Detroit News political cartoonist and the Bawl Street Journal would relish bashing government regulations and ‘tiny tin-can cars.’ In defense of government rules and bailouts…why electric cars are here to stay….

The 2013 rendition of the annual Detroit Auto Show leaves behind it MPG vibes that will influence global automakers for decades to come.

The glitziest show ever staged in the 106th January since the first show was born also is giving Detroit showgoers a plethora of future ideas in fuel economy, safety and styling.

Without safety and economy standards, as show displays demonstrated, would the regulatory federal agencies-such as EPA and NHTSA, maintain their missions to reduce emissions, maintain braking and crash-resistance standards and require MPG averages of 35.5 MPG by 2016 and 54.5 MPG by 2025?

To suggest that government agencies should “keep their distance” misses the reasons for what showgoers endorse-when they scan and photograph the cars and trucks on the turntables.

Questions from the floor focus on MPG, night vision, crash safety, fuel efficiency and not least-

When will electric cars offer ranges equal to those of internal combustion cars?

The glitz, the sounds, the gorgeous models were there, too, of course, but were they coached to give the honest answers as to what regulations mandate fuel sales?

That a future exists for plug-in cars was definitely affirmed at the Detroit show, as it will be at all the upcoming shows this winter.

Whatever cartoonists and editorial writers think about the perils of government regulations, “you can’t stop progress.” One of these days, there well may be a charger at each corner by 2025, if not in every garage.

That federal agencies are already addressing the need to safetyize and enforce MPG standards for electric cars should be acclaimed, not dumped on!