Ribbs is Back, Hybrids are Confusing

Willy T. RobbsWilly T. Ribbs is back on the motorports scene after a 10-year break. The colorful and sometimes combative Ribbs, will join Barbara Terry Racing for the remainder of her 2011 off-road racing “Best In The Desert Series” schedule. He is the first African American to qualify for and compete in the Indianapolis 500 and has competed in NASCAR, Formula Ford, Cart/Indy Car and other venues to claim the title of “winningest African American driver in history.” Terry is competing in Class 9 which she leads after one race in her Volkswagen-powered buggy sponsored by Deltran Battery Tender and Muc-Off USA. Ribbs will join her for the Silver State 300 in April, Vegas to Reno in August, the Bluewater Desert Challenge in October, and Henderson 250 in December.Americans are still befuddled by hybrids, according to a recent study reported by Karl Greenberg in Marketing Daily. He writes, “New research from marketing firm Synovate, based on a survey last fall of 1,898 new vehicle buyers and intenders, actually suggests that even though modern hybrids have been around since Toyota launched the first-generation Prius in the late 1990’s…consumer knowledge about hybrid power trains is so low that it could prove a significant barrier to sales.” For more information check: http://www.synovate.com/motoresearch/.

The 17th Annual Kyle Petty Charity Motorcycle Ride will stick to the East Coast this year. Most of the previous events have been west-to-east. This one starts May 7 in Lake Placid, NY and ends May 14 at Amelia Island, Fla. AutoWeek has invited four riders to join its Team entry in the event that has raised more than $15 million in the last 10 years. For more information Solowheelcontact AutoWeek.com. . . . The makers of Solowheel say it is “the smallest, greenest, most convenient people mover ever invented.” A self-balancing electric unicycle, it weighs 20 pounds and has two folding foot platforms on the outside. Inside it has two gyro sensors, a 1000 Watt motor and a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. Once aboard, lean forward to go faster, backward to slow down. Click here to see the SoloWheel in action.

SEMA has announced July 8, 2011 as the second “Collector Car Appreciation Day,” which it plans to build to an annual national event to raise awareness of the vital role automotive restoration and collection plays in American society. SEMA expects collectors and enthusiasts will host hundreds of events across the country on July 8 and will proudly partner with individuals, car clubs and businesses as they organize car cruises, club gatherings and other educational events to celebrate the day. SEMA will maintain a list of events scheduled to commemorate America’s time-tested love affair with the automobile. Individuals, car clubs and business owners interested in publicizing events should contact Mike Dingell, director, SEMA Action Network (SAN) at 202/7-6007 ext. 38 or miked@sema.org. . . .The Three World Car of The Year Finalists are: Nissan Leaf, Audi A8 and BMW 5 Series

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