Sex with a Pickup Truck Is Deemed “Perverted” In England…who knew?!

The CarBuzzard reported that a British motorist was arrested while attempting sex with his pickup truck. From the few details available in the “g-rated” blog the act was a straightforward hood seduction but met England’s definition of perversion and the perp was jailed. . . . . British motorwriter Mark Hales told Media Digest that he faces bankruptcy after losing a court case over damages to a classic Porsche 917 he was driving in a track session. He said that the gear jumped out causing the damage. The car’s owner, former Formula One driver David Piper, said the damages were caused by Hales “over-revving” the engine. The judge agreed and told Hales, “You bend it, you mend it.” At a cost of 103,000£ in repairs and legal fees.

Songwriters and play writers have joined with The Authors Guild in seeking the right to sue Google in a class action suit. The groups say a class-action lawsuit is the only realistic means for many content creators to enforce their copyrights when their works are digitized without permission. Groups joining in the suit are Dramatists Guild, National Writers’ Union, Romance Writers of America, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Songwriters Guild of America, and the Text and Academic Authors Association.

The entry deadline for the 22nd International Automotive Media Competition has been extended to March 8. Entry forms are on the website: . . . . Car Guy Nation (CGN), the online buying and social community for avid car enthusiasts, announced today that they have signed Elkhart Lake’s Road America Inc. to an exclusive three-year Marketing Partner Agreement. The Car Guy Nation Marketing Partner Program rewards organizations that attract large numbers of car enthusiasts,

Television’s “Vintage Vehicle Show“, hosted and produced by Lance Lambert, has been picked up by the Tach TV network. Tach TV’s release of the show is initially being broadcast on four Florida stations and will be available in several additional states by the end of the year. Over 100 stations currently broadcast the show and 2013 is the 20th anniversary of the “Vintage Vehicle Show”. The parent company, Vintage Vehicle Productions, recently completed production of the 430th episode.