Silence is a good thing

Well, well. The “good gray” NY Times finally finds silence a worthwhile trait, which should but probably won’t steer the hotrod rider pack away from its devotion to top speed, utmost economy and unneeded engine and tire noise!

It’s about time! Watch for Malibu ads applauding its “quiet ride.” This, says the Times report in its January 6 edition, will buoy Malibu’s resale value and stir higher sales incentives.

“Malibu,” declares Ulrich, “is good but not great at any single thing “ (except price)… not comfort, nor handling, nor torque steer, nor fuel economy, nor spring comfort. Well, then what? The Eco 4-cyl-model at $26,095 to $34,145 with Turbo V-6 is economy personified, a bargain midsize family sedan!