So…what’s the latest auto fashion?

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid now invades global markets, becoming a role model for automakers everywhere.

Ford Fusion wins the gold medal, offering Hybrid edition sales that lift its ‘fully loaded’ suggested price to $38,665, equivalent to SRP of $36,800 on base Lincoln MK2.

Fusion’s surge into global segments reflects market and styling updates. Fusion’s outreach gains traction in late 2012 with extension of production to Ford’s plant in Hermosillo, Mexico.

The addition of Mexico to Fusion’s lineup of plant sources, toppled by the Mazda’s plant in Flat Rock, MI, also reflects sharing of styling choice between Ford and Lincoln with the controversial demolition of the Mercury brand in 2010. The Mazda M6 sedan built at Flat Rock boasts car-of-the-year praise.

Mercury’s downfall is another setback for domestic automakers, comparable to GM’s axing of Pontiac and Saturn, and Chrysler’s of the Plymouth brand.

Ford CEO Alan Mulally, 67, reportedly is awaiting the Ford board of directors vote promoting Mark Fields to CEO as Mulally retires after nearly seven years on the job.

Only Ford non-executive chairman Bill Ford is certain to stay at the helm of the  Dearborn-based automaker, when Mulally steps down.