Special Driving Deal for Autowriters.com Subscribers

Irrepressible PR Man and sometime journalist Doug Stokes  has come up with the kind of  “win-win-win” proposition promoters love. He writes: “Hey Glenn – Here’s a real deal that I conjured up for your faithful … Great fun and you get some “sunshine” for providing it!


 Doug Stokes
Doug Stokes

Special Race Driving Deal For Auto Writer readers of AutoWriters.Com

One of our regular readers, Doug Stokes, has talked LA Racing (the fine stock car driving school/experience people at Toyota Speedway in Irwindale, California – near Pasadena) into offering regular readers of this monthly bulletin a chance to learn how to drive a full-size NASCAR-style stock on the fast and famous Irwindale half-mile oval.

All you’ll need is a story assignment, your non-skid sneakers and a (very) light breakfast and you’ll be circulating the track nicknamed: “LA’s Half-Mile Super Speedway.”

Go through the classroom training, and then climb through the window of a big, nasty, gnarly stocker into an exciting world of speed, sound, and new sensations. All courtesy of LA Racing and Toyota Speedway.

Check out LA Racing on: www.laracingx.com

If the above sounds like something that you might relish doing all you need to do is get in touch with good guy Ozzie Blackwell and mention that you are an Autowriters.com reader and that you heard about this from Stokes (through the great Autowriters.com service of course). He’ll set you up with a class date and you’ll be lapping like a NASCAR pro in almost no time flat!

The deal here is to get some good ink not only for LA Racing, but for the Speedway as well. And to get YOU (secret Speed Racer) into a race car.

By the way, this will NOT be an all-journalist ego-fest; you’ll be scheduled with a regular group of attendees (which could range from 14 year old kids to people even older than our fearless leader Glenn Campbell). That sort of immersion always seems to pay off in two interesting stories: your experience and the mother of five, or the lawyer, or the eagle scout, or the movie actress. Any of whom could be taking the school for any number of interesting personal reasons.

Call Ozzie at 877-901-RACE X 2030 to set your date.

This is a clean – no cost – deal. The quid pro quo is a story assignment (and an outlet). We’ve done numerous such journalist rides. In fact there’s a story coming out in AUTOWEEK shortly by Patrick Paterne. Sneak up on it, stay off the walls, see what it’s like out there on the banked ovals. Write it all down or film it.