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Two under-written sport sedans have been “refreshed”, giving “Driver’s car” fans power and price choices other than the diesel options being unfurled this fall.

These choices include the Subaru WRX STI and the Ford Focus STI, and they show up occasionally dazzling in TV commercials, but owners should look for them also at auto show displays, especially Subaru’s. The WRX has been jacked up to 305 hp, higher than any turbodiesel German sedans but ideal for snow and ice roads that already have reached South America, Minnesota, Canada and New Zealand.

The Subaru world also will again retain continuation of Subaru’s WRX “boxer” engine and 6-speed manual transmissions, both performance enhancers.

Ford’s Focus STI audience notes it now has a jazzy rear spoiler, with 252 hp plus Ford’s excellent stick-shift.

These “driver’s” cars both have been priced up, the Ford to $24,450 and Subaru to $35,290-but not to forget Subaru’s WRX “all things” approach, shared with its partnership with Toyota manufacturing.