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GM & Barra: Shrewd Reverse Sexism?

Autowriters Feature Tom Tom

A commercial not seen in recent reviews of the Ford Mustang’s introduction 50 years ago is one that showed a prim and proper Miss shake the decorum of her office job, literally let her hair down and hit the open road in her Mustang convertible. Whether it was the competition or Ford’s intent, there were […]


Chrysler, Ford GM Logos

The Motor City’s domestic Big Three auto sales recovered in 2013, edging closer to the 1.6 million mark for its highest industry total since 2007. This service had predicted the U.S. industry’s comeback last year and will go on record as a prophet for the 1.6 million mark in 2014 to be reached in the […]


Detroit 1942 Woodward Ave

The UAW has helped settle two product and fiscal issues with Chrysler, Volkswagen and Fiat. New Year’s week brought strengthening by automaker Fiat of its ownership of Chrysler Group. The UAW in a sale of $4.35 billion managed to shift to the union’s employee healthcare trust fund the remaining 41% of Chrysler stock, making Chrysler […]

Driverless Drivers Fact or Fiction?

Detroit 1942 Woodward Ave

The NHTSA is charging into the driverless-vehicle story, reconfirming its role as safety rulemaker and enforcer. What onlookers could have confidence in no-driver cars upholds the NHTSA’s sanction that such cars are as safe as driver-drivens? Electric cars without long-range limits are one thing, as is freedom from fires of e-car lithium-ion batteries. Finally: Risking […]

Revving Up with Chrysler (Of All Brands!)

2013 Chrysler 300

At long last, Chrysler Group is drawing accolades for new-car performance and winning back business for police patrols. Chrysler’s often-panned 300 and its sibling Dodge Charger are being lauded by nothing less than New York Times auto reviewer Lawrence Ulrich, who in the March 17 edition writes that the tweaked line of 300s raises horsepower […]