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Tesla Factory, Proterra Bus and Steve McQueen

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If you’ve not been to Tesla’s California factory, watch the video above for an impressive look at the production of a Model S from aluminum coils to out the door. It also bolsters those who predict a “jobless” society down the road. And, if you are not familiar with the Bugatti family’s museum-quality design versatility […]

Hydrogen Cells Get Boost From Toyota


Hydrogen Cells Advocated by Toyota The world’s auto industry set off on four new directions in June, each of which will change driver habits, and reduce costs of fuel, up mileage per gallon averages, and permit dealer-installed accessories. First off and the most impressive change came from sales leader Toyota, which called for hydrogen fuel […]


Frankfurt International Motor Show Audi

The global auto industry is crackling with auto news as the Frankfurt Auto Show opens, September 10th with a torrent of market-stimulating news. European and Asian auto makers seized the spotlight on their U.S. counterparts, using Frankfurt to showcase an all-new Honda Hybrid averaging 47 MPG, topping both Toyota Camry and Ford Fusion Hybrids. The […]

Postlude for Detroit Show

Let’s face it…A Detroit News political cartoonist and the Bawl Street Journal would relish bashing government regulations and ‘tiny tin-can cars.’ In defense of government rules and bailouts…why electric cars are here to stay…. The 2013 rendition of the annual Detroit Auto Show leaves behind it MPG vibes that will influence global automakers for decades […]