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Bloomberg Adds Reach and Tesla Explores Tube Travel

elon musk on the simpsons

Erik Sass writes in Media Daily News, “Bloomberg has launched a new online flagship site, Bloomberg Business, combining and replacing two previously separate Web destinations, Bloomberg.com and Businessweek.com.” He says the purpose of the move is to expand Bloomberg’s global reach beyond financial to the business audience in general. . . . . Tech News […]

Flying Cars are Possible says Elon Musk


Tesla’s Elon Musk told Automotive News that flying cars are possible now except for the safety and noise concerns fomented by swarms of airplanes aloft. In the same article Toyota acknowledged it is doing research on something like a “hover” car. Media Daily News writes that Google’s Chief Business Officer, Nikesh Arora, told attendees at […]


1965 Ford Mustang

All-New Models Join Aged Mustang LOS ANGELES – More bang for the buck underscored the first batches of debuts at the Los Angeles Auto Show, including V-6 models from Ford, Jaguar and Porsche that emphasized economy and affordability as key qualities for the 2014 and 2015 model years. Headlines that once played up “performance” and […]

Musk’s Tesla His Latest Rocket

Elon Musk

HAWTHORNE, CA-An in-depth profile on Elon Musk in the December issue of Esquire Magazine reveals a ‘daredevil’ personality with the habits of explorers and of dedication to the goal of getting big things done-like Henry Ford, Steve Jobs and “the Great Gatsby.” En route to launching the first premiere electric-sedan, the Tesla S, Musk led […]