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Turbo Claims Shot Down by Consumer Reports


YONKERS, NY- Ford and GM claims of turbocharger economy results have been torpedoed by the testers of the Yonkers-based and highly influential Consumers Reports magazine. 2013-model Ford Fusion and Chevrolet Cruze sedans “flunked” when the magazine found that turbos did not improve fuel economy markedly and often lead to slower-running engines. The CR report used […]

Ford, EPA Spar over MPG Rules

Once more, an automaker has been nailed overstating its MPG ratings. The alleged culprit this time is Ford, which fell victim to Consumer Report’s magazine’s findings that the Fusion and C-Max hybrid vehicles were off the mark with  claims that these vehicles average 47 MPG, respectively. According to tests, the ratings for both vehicles should […]

E-car Era Revs Up at LA Show

The LA auto show prides itself on rolling out a flock of firsts every winter and the 2012 event kept up the record in spades. More electric cars were released than ever before, at any 2012 international or local show. Plug-in cars stole the limelight-not a surprise in the Golden State’s clean-air fixation. Whether for […]