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Hydrogen Cells Get Boost From Toyota


Hydrogen Cells Advocated by Toyota The world’s auto industry set off on four new directions in June, each of which will change driver habits, and reduce costs of fuel, up mileage per gallon averages, and permit dealer-installed accessories. First off and the most impressive change came from sales leader Toyota, which called for hydrogen fuel […]

GM & Barra: Shrewd Reverse Sexism?

Autowriters Feature Tom Tom

A commercial not seen in recent reviews of the Ford Mustang’s introduction 50 years ago is one that showed a prim and proper Miss shake the decorum of her office job, literally let her hair down and hit the open road in her Mustang convertible. Whether it was the competition or Ford’s intent, there were […]



A dig at new GM CEO Mary Barra under the Economist Headline “What do you recall?” Begins to make waves. Can another bankruptcy fling prop up GM and its’ dealers? Media and digital ad geniuses already are crafting campaigns of vitriol aimed at its’ rivals. Minnie the GM Mouse and “Mary Poppins” already are planning […]


Chrysler, Ford GM Logos

The Motor City’s domestic Big Three auto sales recovered in 2013, edging closer to the 1.6 million mark for its highest industry total since 2007. This service had predicted the U.S. industry’s comeback last year and will go on record as a prophet for the 1.6 million mark in 2014 to be reached in the […]