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Acura RLX Wins Best-in-Class Sedan

2014 Acura RLX Silver Moon

Global drivers of sedans have experienced a difficult time this year. Which upmarket entries lead the 2015-model derby? What accessory clinched the champion’s charge to gold medal? In a final field consisting of Civic, Sentra, Mazda 3, Dodge Dart, Kia Forte and Jetta Diesel? The field of compacts has been shared among Acura’s MDX and […]


Frankfurt International Motor Show Audi

The global auto industry is crackling with auto news as the Frankfurt Auto Show opens, September 10th with a torrent of market-stimulating news. European and Asian auto makers seized the spotlight on their U.S. counterparts, using Frankfurt to showcase an all-new Honda Hybrid averaging 47 MPG, topping both Toyota Camry and Ford Fusion Hybrids. The […]

Honda Leads Vehicle Safety Surge

Car Safety Belt Up for Life

“Safety first!” rules the industry-at long last! Marysville, OH-The drive for vehicle safety-system coverage has moved to the front now as American Honda uncovers a flock of new 2014 models with elaborate systems designed to avert front-end and rear-end collisions and reduce collision and sideways fatalities and injuries. Honda’s leap into a full-line posture on […]

Auto Makers Buoyed by Traverse City CAR Seminars

CARS seminars

Cheer Suppliers, Big 3 TRAVERSE CITY, MI-Global and Detroit-based automakers and suppliers wrapped up the annual Traverse City CAR seminars August 8 on a high note, portending a new-model year that will see growth in new models and improved quality as universal themes. The Center for Auto Research meetings gave automakers worldwide chances to climb […]