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Kia Cadenza Profile

interior 2014 Kia cadenza

2014 Kia Cadenza Enters Fullsize Sedan Club The “family sedan” segment has admitted a surprise member-Kia’s 2014 Cadenza, a stylish rival for the Hyundai Equus Azera. (The rear-drive Cadenza will add a front-drive partner next year). Kia’s thrust into the midsize segment is not unexpected. The Kia group has been growing by leaps and bounds […]

“H-Cars” Renew Clash

The Dueling Hs - photos courtesy autoguide.com

DETROIT-In a repeat of the harsh feelings that marched Hyundai’s successful entry into the global market, an American Honda executive vice-president issued a pointed attack on Hyundai’s overstatement of its MPG averages in his NAIAS press conference. John Mendel, the Honda V-P, speaking at the Automotive News World Congress, decried Hyundai and its sister brand […]

Learning to live with MPG averages

DEARBORN, MI-The MPG mixup involving Hyundai and Kia in November sparked a better-than-expected turnout here at a Center for Automotive Research briefing December 6, but researchers from a variety of sources shed sorely-needed light on the methods and problems of determining the MPG averages which every vehicle purchaser has to see on the ‘Monroney stickers’ […]

MPG Rating Snafu Trips Hyundai/Kia

Hyundai/Kia group has been dealt a disclosure blow by the EPA, egged on by competitors sick of the Korean automakers claims of econocar advantages and ads playing up the exposure of the Hyundai and Kia brands to refunds because of the glitches. Hyundai and Kia owners stand to share a windfall of gasoline credits averaging […]

Hyundai-Kia Caught Puffing MPG Scores

Hyundai Kia Motors

South Korea’s standout twin automakers, Hyundai and Kia, pleaded guilty November 3 to a commonly committed offense-overstating gas mileage of vehicles on EPA stickers. The crime of over-hyping was uncovered by the federal agency on several of the most popular Hyundai and Kia models, such as the Elantra and Rio. An estimated 900,000 vehicles sold […]