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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – In a series of preemptive safe-driving sorties, a coalition of technical experts from federal and private sources, including Google and Toyota, have been testing hands-free cars in northern California’s mountains and valleys. The highly secretive road tests of “self-driving cars” have been embraced as essential information in an extended fact-finding project […]

Lexus Unveils New Flagship

2013 Lexus LS460

When Toyota’s luxury sedan, the Lexus ES400, stormed the heights in 1990, no automaker or analyst in their right minds believed another rear-drive sedan-albeit one with basic rear-wheel-drive-would establish an upscale brand whose option package would list the successor Lexus in 2014 for an unheard of $97,585! Dubbed the LS460, the 2014 Lexus sedan rates […]

The Hot Ones for 2013

2013 ford escape

April’s auto show results were buoyed by new pickup trucks and eye-appealing popular cars. Here are the cold and hot ones, likely to steer the market into early-starting inventory cleanup sales till year-end! Ford Escape, up 52.0% from a year ago Toyota Camry, down 13.9% (seen as a runner-up by the youth market.) Nissan, up […]

Lexus Holds Gold Medal in Luxury Set

Lexus ES 350

Amid all the clamoring among pursuers of supremacy in the luxury-car market, none retains more pluses than Toyota’s Lexus brand. From the No. 1 perch atop the premier brands, Lexus has established a reputation of excellent never really challenged-either by Nissan’s Infiniti brand over the past two decades since either brand was launched, or by […]

Safety Defect Recalls Sting Lexus, Volvo, and BMW

WASHINGTON, DC-Caught with a surfeit of safety flubs on 2010 Lexus RX models, Toyota Motor has bitten the platinum bullet and agreed to pay the U.S. Department of Transportation $17.35 million in civil fines for failing to report vehicle defects as required. The latest of Toyota’s costly infractions also involved carpets that trapped accelerators and […]