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Detroit 1942 Woodward Ave

The UAW has helped settle two product and fiscal issues with Chrysler, Volkswagen and Fiat. New Year’s week brought strengthening by automaker Fiat of its ownership of Chrysler Group. The UAW in a sale of $4.35 billion managed to shift to the union’s employee healthcare trust fund the remaining 41% of Chrysler stock, making Chrysler […]

Carczar Marchionne Runs Chrysler/Fiat

TURIN, ITALY-After nailing buff magazines’ person-of-the-year award, Sergio Marchionne is taking the lid off new expansion strategies for Chrysler/Fiat. Most of these will be unveiled at the Detroit auto show in early January. At age 60, Marchionne is acquiring the aura of the dynamic carczar Lee Iacocca, who at 88 is retired in California and […]