Autowriters Spotlight: Ezra Dyer

At the risk of enjoying it too much, or being caught in a Little Orphan Annie Mug kind of infinite regression with Ezra Dyer writing about Ezra Dyer writing about Ezra Dyer, ad infinitum, he gave AWCom the facts to do with as we might.

Autowriters Spotligh: Ezra DyerSalient among them is his uncommon coupling of humor and auto journalism that began because he loves cars (he says he was bombing around Maine woods in a 1982 Subaru wagon at age 11 and still has a stack of car magazines from the ‘80s) and because he began his writing career as a humor columnist and feature writer for The Improper Bostonian.  It is an 85,000 circulation glossy biweekly offering a calendar of Greater Boston events plus numerous features and columns.  Dyer has been in every issue since starting there in 1999. (more…)

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