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Body Electric

woman wearing microsoft hololens

A Cicret Bracelet concept from Israel is a startling reminder of how the physical gap between our body and the Internet is narrowing. Eric Schmidt, Google’s top executive, made headlines when he told a World Economics Forum, “the Internet will disappear.” Not in the way Google Glass exited the public stage recently for another look-see […]

Analyze This: New York Times Innovation Report

autowriters feature road ahead

“All means are ends in the becoming.” –unknown. The truth in this observation is demonstrated in the recent turmoil at the New York Times. And we hope not by The Ford Motor Company. A lengthy 91-page self-analysis by NY Times executives was leaked (flooded) recently to the outside world. Titled “Innovation Report,” it revealed the […]

Diesel Engines: Is D-Day Here?

Diesel Fuel

There’s no stopping diesel as a gotta-have car fuel now. Despite diesel fuel’s gradual acceptance on the U.S. market, it remains a rare fuel of choice for seekers of economical engines. According to R.L. Polk’s tabulated registrations, about 6.2 million diesel vehicles were in operation on North American roads in 2012. Only about 800,000 of […]