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Musk’s Tesla His Latest Rocket

Elon Musk

HAWTHORNE, CA-An in-depth profile on Elon Musk in the December issue of Esquire Magazine reveals a ‘daredevil’ personality with the habits of explorers and of dedication to the goal of getting big things done-like Henry Ford, Steve Jobs and “the Great Gatsby.” En route to launching the first premiere electric-sedan, the Tesla S, Musk led […]

Tesla a Winner: Musk

Elon Musk

DETROIT-Elon Musk’s press conference at the Detroit NAIAS was packed with a scrum that likened Musk’s Tesla S (for S-class?) to three daring post-World War II icons-the DeLorean sports coupe, racy Tucker Torpedo, and eponymous Edsel (Ford). Musk is not about to accept failure, already boasting a year’s marketing through a mere 25 independent Tesla […]

E-Car Genius or New-Car Promoter

Elon Musk

E-Car award winner Elon Musk emerged from the main stage of the LA auto show with a mixed bag of credentials. Two buff book magazines backed up a Musk’s Tesla showoff car with car-of-the-year awards in attempts to crown a car for its battery life as much as for its styling or interior. Cosmopolitan magazine’s […]