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Diesel Engines: Is D-Day Here?

Diesel Fuel

There’s no stopping diesel as a gotta-have car fuel now. Despite diesel fuel’s gradual acceptance on the U.S. market, it remains a rare fuel of choice for seekers of economical engines. According to R.L. Polk’s tabulated registrations, about 6.2 million diesel vehicles were in operation on North American roads in 2012. Only about 800,000 of […]

Lexus Unveils New Flagship

2013 Lexus LS460

When Toyota’s luxury sedan, the Lexus ES400, stormed the heights in 1990, no automaker or analyst in their right minds believed another rear-drive sedan-albeit one with basic rear-wheel-drive-would establish an upscale brand whose option package would list the successor Lexus in 2014 for an unheard of $97,585! Dubbed the LS460, the 2014 Lexus sedan rates […]

Driverless Drivers Fact or Fiction?

Detroit 1942 Woodward Ave

The NHTSA is charging into the driverless-vehicle story, reconfirming its role as safety rulemaker and enforcer. What onlookers could have confidence in no-driver cars upholds the NHTSA’s sanction that such cars are as safe as driver-drivens? Electric cars without long-range limits are one thing, as is freedom from fires of e-car lithium-ion batteries. Finally: Risking […]

Toyota Crowds with Models

Toyota’s plethora of brands failed in April to shore up former show-car-of-the year Camry. The bland Camry family sedan suffered a 14% sales decline in April, with Toyota, Prius and Scion dealers losing sales to family members because of inroads by VW/Audi, and Hyundai/Kia. Toyota is bulging with too many brands and models, a dealer […]

Lexus Holds Gold Medal in Luxury Set

Lexus ES 350

Amid all the clamoring among pursuers of supremacy in the luxury-car market, none retains more pluses than Toyota’s Lexus brand. From the No. 1 perch atop the premier brands, Lexus has established a reputation of excellent never really challenged-either by Nissan’s Infiniti brand over the past two decades since either brand was launched, or by […]