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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – In a series of preemptive safe-driving sorties, a coalition of technical experts from federal and private sources, including Google and Toyota, have been testing hands-free cars in northern California’s mountains and valleys. The highly secretive road tests of “self-driving cars” have been embraced as essential information in an extended fact-finding project […]


Frankfurt International Motor Show Audi

The global auto industry is crackling with auto news as the Frankfurt Auto Show opens, September 10th with a torrent of market-stimulating news. European and Asian auto makers seized the spotlight on their U.S. counterparts, using Frankfurt to showcase an all-new Honda Hybrid averaging 47 MPG, topping both Toyota Camry and Ford Fusion Hybrids. The […]

Hyundai Revs up New Model Wars

2014 Kia Cadenza

South Korean auto-makers Hyundai/Kia continue to escalate their new-model campaigns. The 2014 Kia Cadenza is deployed in a manner similar the successful midsize sedan rollout of the Equus 15-20 years ago and the Hyundai Sonata rollouts. Hyundai’s choice later of the classic midsize Cadenza name for its new car, combined with the release of safety […]

Honda Leads Vehicle Safety Surge

Car Safety Belt Up for Life

“Safety first!” rules the industry-at long last! Marysville, OH-The drive for vehicle safety-system coverage has moved to the front now as American Honda uncovers a flock of new 2014 models with elaborate systems designed to avert front-end and rear-end collisions and reduce collision and sideways fatalities and injuries. Honda’s leap into a full-line posture on […]

Rear Vision Rules Get Backed Up

The NHTSA has ordered a delay and possibly a lengthy one in issuing a rule calling for all cars to install backup cameras that would bolster rear visibility as a protective against vehicle and pedestrian accidents. This is the fourth delay in the rear-ender rule since Congress approved the legislation in 2007, only to meet […]