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Tesla Factory, Proterra Bus and Steve McQueen

If you’ve not been to Tesla’s California factory, watch the video above for an impressive look at the production of a Model S from aluminum coils to out the door. It also bolsters those who predict a “jobless” society down the road.

And, if you are not familiar with the Bugatti family’s museum-quality design versatility beyond cars,  Brett Berk provides a brief glimpse at this in: “Born to Bugatti.”

Charged, The Electric Vehicle Magazine, reports the Proterra electric bus (photo below) claims a world record for battery-powered buses by clocking 700 miles in 24 hours over typical commuter and business district routes. Made in Greenville, S.C. The Proterra can be fully re-charged in about 10 minutes through a special charging head that retracts into an overhead unit. One has been in use for more than a year in Pomona, Calif. (As John Matras notes in his March 20 CarBuzzard, the range of battery-powered electric vehicles varies with the ambient temperature).

Proterra fast charging electric bus.

SEMA’s photo cove in Diamond Bar, Calif. is open and doing business as part of the SEMA Garage-Innovations Center that SEMA VP Mike Spagnola says, “can cut down the entire product development process to six weeks.” An open house planned for Thursday, July 17 will give members a chance to see the remarkable facility in action and learn what it can do for them.

And for those who like car-chase footage, Tony Leopardo sends along a link to a shot-by-shot recapture of the famous Steve McQueen chase in the movie Bullitt: