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Trio of Diesels Help Germans for 2015

WOLFSBURG, GERMANY- Focused as it is around European makers, German automakers are pressing their U.S. and China luxury sedan salesmen to push diesel-engine cars, starting with the 2015-model year.

The luxury sedan segment is led by three mainstays from Germany, each boasting diesel experience and more scoring higher performance numbers and resale values.

BMW with the 535D; Audi with the A6TDI; and Mercedes-Benz with the E250. Asserts the influential and outspoken Los Angeles Times (07-19-14) “The luxury midsize cars combine efficiency and robust power, leaving no good reason to buy the gas models!.”

BMW has built about 5,000 i3 cars, of which 2,000 have been sold or leased in Europe. The Munich-based automaker has taken a leap, claiming mileage of about 100 MPG. That is if drivers refrain from raceway and autobahn-style accelerating, for the i8 sports coupe due this fall. Who can wait for all those MPGs?

Amid the flurry caused by the BMW e-sedan, Toyota has left batter-powered cars behind by announcing it will use fuel-cell systems in lieu of batteries as its major power source.

The Toyota decision, likely to be implemented globally by other Japanese automakers, will not only trump low-range batteries but prompt service stations to install less expensive fuel cells and minimize risks of system failures, and merely add another tank for the one now called diesel.

Frankfurt, Germany-As BMW opens its e-car door, will the Germans all jump into the e-car derby? Mercedes-Benz and Porsche are chomping at the bit, and can’t wait before matching i3 sales of BMW. GM and Ford are reportedly weighing a match, as well. “If Bimmer and Benz can do it, so can we,” declare the Germans.

We are reminded of the fact that Daimler-Benz invented the normally aspirated gas engine in the 1880s. How long will it take before the i3 from Munich has siblings with interior battery chargers?

Revealed by the NY Times as a snappy subcompact, BMW has confirmed a $41,350 price for the entry-level sedan. Also, BMW confirmed existence of a 6-figure i8 sports coupe, to be marketed later this summer.

“BMW-the doctor’s car,” “Audi-the graduate’s car,” and “Mercedes-Grandpas car.”
German diesel cars now finally conform to U.S. MPG regulations, but miss the e100% mark, to wit: Audi A6/TDI (diesel Quattro sedan base price $58,395. AWD 8-speed AT-240hp highway city 24 MPG.

Mercedes E-250 Blue TZC price $52,325 AWD base price $58,395 7-speed AT highway 42 MPG and d195 hp.

BMW- “the classiest and the funnest to drive” agrees LA Times trio but feels all road bumps. BMW (Bayern Motoren Werke) 2014 BMW 535d base price $57,525 3.0 six-cylinder rear engine (no hybrids or road bumps) base price $57,525 255 hp 8-speed AT fuel rating highway 38 MPG, too few paid-for add-ons, like rear cameras.