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The Motor City’s domestic Big Three auto sales recovered in 2013, edging closer to the 1.6 million mark for its highest industry total since 2007.


This service had predicted the U.S. industry’s comeback last year and will go on record as a prophet for the 1.6 million mark in 2014 to be reached in the 4th quarter of this year. Totals of 1,360,302 cars and trucks were predicted for calendar 2014, of which 632,612 were cars and 727,690 were trucks.

By corporate brands, GM fell back 6.3% as it finally came closer to emerging from total bankruptcy, but Chrysler Group and Ford each rose 5.7%. The best-selling Ford F-150 truck soared 8.4% and the Dodge Ram pickup 10.6% to bolster domestic vehicle sales results.

All 4 GM brands showed market share gains last year –Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC.

But the Chevrolet Silverado truck was big loser for GM -16% – as Nissan scooped up the biggest gain, 10.5% among corporate brands. Toyota’s RAV4 SUV shot up 46.1%, while Hyundai/Kia combined once again topped Volkswagen/Audi 63,005 to RAV452,533.

Best sellers last month included Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Corolla, Honda Civic, Honda CR-V, Nissan Altima, Ford Escape and Fusion, Hyundai Elantra, Chevrolet Cruze and Equinox, Ford 150 pickup.