Reston,VA, Feb. 22 – “isteer”, a steering-integrated vehicle lighting system, is the first product developed by the new isee-SYSTEMS product group formed by defense contractor Advanced Vehicle Systems to convert its battlefield know-how to consumer products, sales and jobs.

“The knowledge gained from a dozen years of building and maintaining the dependability, durability and versatility of combat vehicle systems was used to make the isteer unique among existing adaptive lighting systems,” AVS CEO Doug Miller said when announcing the new product.

Steerable module.
Basic isteer-SYSTEM for Jeep Wrangler 2007-2012

isteer mounts spot or flood lights on interconnected server control modules and integrates them with the vehicles steering system. It can be operated while a vehicle is stationary, track the position of its front wheels through their full arc and inverted models can be mounted rearward with optional cameras to provide illumination and vision while it is backed up. Also, an optional manual override allows the driver to survey the terrain before making a commitment.

It is a do-it-yourself install and uses all American-made components that can be ordered online at: www.isee-systems.com for prices starting from $1450.00. More information, video and photos are available there.

The isteer-SYSTEM is available for the Jeep Wrangler, Dodge Ram 1500 and Ford F150 models of the past 10 years, with more make and model applications in the offing, Miller reports. He said, “Whether for recreation or as a component of their business, people take their vehicles into extreme environments and we recognize that many of the products we developed for combat can be attractive – whether to make off-roading safer or to provide a means to really push the experience envelope.”

The new isteer-SYSTEM is assembled by isee-SYSTEMS in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Other unique automotive systems and off-road driving enhancements are being developed.

About Advanced Vehicle Systems

Advanced Vehicle Systems (AVS) first made news in 1999 as the company that dared to introduce the United States Marine Corps to the Mercedes-Benz Gelanderwagen. An initial contract for 62 fully-integrated Fast Attack Vehicles was completed in the December 1999 with several follow-on orders taking place through 2003. Over the years AVS sustained a logistics contract for their support in spare parts, training, and specialized adaptive engineering. Many new enhancements were developed through field experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other theaters of conflict, many of which transitioned to other combat fleets including custom weapons mounts, infrared lighting systems, bumpers, winch mounts, and much more.