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The Value of Original Content and ‘All Things Human’ on the Rise

More good news for writers comes from Newsweek’s new owners who, according to CNN Money, plan a return to print, relying on good journalism to attract subscribers who will pay the bills. Editor Jim Impoco is quoted, “Ads will be icing on the cake” . . . Wooden Horse reports, “Digg, the news aggregator, is experimenting with original content having just published its first commissioned piece. TechCrunch interviewed Digg’s Creative and Editorial Director, David Weiner, who confirms that freelance content is in the experimental stage and that “there aren’t any set rules around the process.”

rage against the machine

Video Insider reports an eMarketer prediction that time spent on digital media will soon pass time on TV. “That’s why so many companies are deploying new native video ad experiences to work across all devices,” the Insider writes. . . . Steve McClellan, writing for MAD (Mediapost Agency Daily), “According to a new report from JWT Intelligence, a top trend for 2014 is what the unit dubs ‘rage against the machine,’ or an increasing fear, and resentment of  ‘what’s been lost in our embrace of unprecedented change.’ Consumers will place a higher value on ‘all things human,’ according to the report.”

Freedom Communications, publisher of California’s Orange County Register, has announced it plans to launch a daily Los Angeles Register print newspaper in 2014 as well as a number of community weeklies in the area, according to Erik Sass, in the Media Daily News . . . Maxim’s new owner Darden Media Group, plans to extend the brand across cable, radio and music platforms, according to Adweek.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt at a Magazine Publishers Association conference was quoted by Wooden Horse: “Five years from now, the world will have ‘powerful, tablet-looking things – [devices] that look roughly like a tablet – as a substitute for traditional media.’ Those tablets will have apps that are ‘incredibly immersive,’ including magazine apps, which will take advantage of people’s social graphs, location data and other features to offer a more interactive experience.” . . . . Also quoted by the Horse is the new owner of The Washington Post, Jeff Bezos, from his introductory talk to employees: “cutting the staff would lead to extinction, or, at best, irrelevance.”. . . . “What you can’t do is go for the lowest common denominator, because then what you have is mediocrity.”

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