What A Launch!

BC Honda launched the 2012 Honda Civic in downtown Vancouver, B.C. with this eye-catching whimsical display of the new model as a prize emerging from a gigantic cereal box. Vancouver photographer Maurice Li was on hand to snap what became the photo of the week on the official blog of Pan Pacific Vancouver.

Honda Civic emerging from cereal  box. Photograph by Maurice Li.


Truly Safe?

Edmunds.com’s day-long conference on “De-bunking Myths and Creating Effective Policies for Car Safety” has a number of outstanding authorities coming to Washington D.C.’s Newseum on May 24. Among them: Congressman John Dingell (D-MI) NHSTA Administrator David Strickland, AutoNation Chairman and CEO Mike Jackson, DOT’s Research and Technology Administrator Peter Appel and several others.

A Policy Is A Policy Is A . . .?

When confronted with the fact that there was incontrovertible evidence that Facebook had hired them to plant negative stories about Google, a spokesman for PR firm Burston-Marstellar was quoted by Gavin O’Malley in Media Daily, “the assignment was not at all standard operating procedure and was against the company’s policies. …The assignment on those terms should have been declined.” Until the next time the money makes it worth doing?

1962 Fuji Rabbit, Ferrari F-40,Ferrari F-50
1962 Fuji Rabbit, Ferrari F-40,Ferrari F-50

The Petersen Automotive Museum’s latest exhibition Scooters: Size Doesn’t Always Matter, opens June 18 and runs through May, 28, 2012. Over 90 vehicles on display will take museum visitors on a chronological tour of motor scooter development beginning with the simple Autoped of the mid-1910s to the alternative power vehicles of today.

For those who like to test their knowledge or remember when you tried to beat your Buds in calling out the name and year of cars as they came rolling by, here’s a quick trip down memory lane: http://www.americantorque.com/game/car-show-50s

Name That Car from the 1950s